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It's Solar Eclipse Day

News is buzzing around about today's solar eclipse! Anyone within the path of totality can see one of natures most inspiring sights that happens once every 18 Months on average! However, North America is not expected to see a Solar Eclipse until 2024! This path will be seen fully in completion where the moon covers the sun from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina. Toronto and the GTA only got to see part of the eclipse (about 70%). Although to some individuals it did not seem very impressive, for those who watched, a part of the sun was hidden by a "dark" body, aka the moon! This is known as a PARTIAL eclipse. For those curious poeple out there, you might be wondering, what exactly is a solar ecclipse and how does it occur?? Well my friend's you have come to the right blog post: 

Sometimes when the moon orbits the Earth, it moves between the sun and the Earth. With that being said, at a certain point of time, the moon and sun align at a point where the moon blocks the sun from the Earth making a solar eclipse. There are 3 types of Solar Eclipses: 

The first Solar Eclipse is known as a total solar eclipse. This eclipse is only visible from a small area on Earth. During today's eclipse, this small area is between Salem and Chalreston. This area is in the center of the moons shadow where the sun is almost completely blocked. During a total eclipse, the sky becomes very dark, as if it were night and temperatures drop below normal! 

The Second type of Solar Eclipse is called a partial solar Eclipse. This eclipse happens when the sun and moon are not exactly lined up. This is the type of eclipse we experienced in southern Ontario. The sun appears to have a dark shadow on only a part of its surface.

The third type of solar eclipse is called an Anular Eclipse. This happens when the moon is farthest from the Earth. Becuse of that, the moon might seem smaller. When an eclipse happens at this point, the moon in front of the sun looks like a dark center of the suns bigger disc creating what looks like a ring of light around the moon! 


DISCLAIMER: Never look directly at the sun during an ecclipse! It can permenantly damage your eyes! Make sure you use proper safety equipment! 

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