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Mistakes First Time Home Buyers Fall Victim Too

Calling all First Time Home Buyers out there! If you're considering buying your first home, you probably want to do a bit of research. Perhaps you'll talk to friends and collegues about potential areas to live in and prices regarding the process. However, that is not enough. You need a much more strategic plan to get that dream house you always wanted. Below are some common mistakes first home buyers commit and tips on how to avoid making these errors: 

1. You Fall In Love With Home Staging

In its simplest form, home staging is when the seller declutters and rearranges the furniture to make rooms look bigger. These days, however, some sellers remove almost all their belongings to make room for a staging company to come in and completely redecorate. This results in stunning displays of unblemished design prefection.

The Problem with this is the huge gap between an idealized way of existing in a home and how we actually live in a home. The trick is to not fall in love with the current decor and to actually imagine where you would put your current belongings. Do this by examining each room to determine if it would actually suit your lifestyle and your furniture. 

2. You Shop Distracted

Every parent in the midst of house-buying knows that kids add chaos to an already difficult home shopping experience. While house-shoppoing with kids can mean you miss things, it can also lead to resigned behaviour like settling and bidding on homes out of desperation rather than waiting to find the house that suits your nneeds. 

To avoid this, consider working with an agent who will double up the showings (take one parent one night and the other parent the next night) or create a plan where one parent views the home while the other entertains the child in the yard. Even better, block off times where both you and your spouse can view a home together by hiring a babysitter. 

3. You Trust The Floor Plan 

Most people would assume that if a listing states a room is a certain size, then that must be the measurement. But more often than not, these measurements are not accurate! It's not that the seller or their agent is intentionally trying to deceive. Errors in measurements can be introduced in a number of ways: 

For example, there have been square footage and room measurements copied number for number from building plans, but the actual measurements of these rooms do not take into consideration that the builder had to change the dimensions to accomodate some behind-the-walls issues. Another issue is when agents and their offices enter imperial measurements using a certain metric setting when another metric setting is used instead. 

4. You Do Not Investigate The Neighbourhood 

To avoid certain regrets (like long commutes from home to work for example), make sure you investigate the neighbourhood thoroughly before buying. Check out the local commercial area, talk to neighbours about schools and community centers and walk around to find daycares, coffee shops and the closest take out grub! Also keep an eye out for signs of people like you. Chances are the more you connect with your neighbours, the more you will love living in your home! 


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