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Signs a Home Buyer Isn't Serious

If statements like " This place is just perfect for us" and "I have to have it" were binding, selling houses would be a piece of cake. Considering that it is hard for home sellers to not get their hopes up when a buyer's admiring their home- only to be dissapointed when the buyer dissapears without a peep, here are some signs that a buyer is not serious about buying your house: 

The Buyer is Flying Solo

If a buyer does not have a real estate agent yet, they probably aren't serious about shopping for a home. A buyer's agent come at no cost to the buyer, since the seller pays the buyer's agent't comission. Furthermore, 87% of buyers purchased their home through a real estate agent or broker, according to a survey conducted last year by the National Association of Realtors of recent home buyers and sellers! 

The Buyer JUST began Shopping: 

Typical home buyers take 3 months to buy. So, if a seller is receiving interest from someone on day 1 or week 1 of the house hunt, chances are you won't receive an offer from that person. Many buyers look at a number of houses before they decide what they want. If they're at the early stages in their search you're leess likely to receive an offer. 

You Met the Buyer at an open House 

It's less likely that a seller will score an offer from a buyer at an open house. According to a report from NAR, only half of home buyers visit open houses.- and those who may be trying to avoid too much attention by hiding in the herd. Serious Buyers on the other hand  will conduct their search online. Once they find a home they like, they will request a private showing. 

A (REALLY) Lowball Offer 

If a buyer offers an unreasonably low sum, there's a sure sign that they do not really want the property. Serious buyers in today's market make their best offer right out of the gate. 

Lots of Nitpicking 

Even after the buyer has made an offer and you have accepted it, the buyer still might not be 100% on board with buying the property. For example, if the buyer has a rare inspection contingency and wants you to fix every single little thing that the inspector spots, the buyer might be covering for you to give in and say no, so that the deal falls apart. 


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