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Why Bother Hiring a Real Estate Salesperson?

One of the biggest objections a Real Estate Salesperson faces when interacting with a potential client is "why should I hire you?" Now before we get into this, you're probably thinking "oh, this blog is going to be bias towards agents!" Before you make these conclusions, just hear us out! With so muh information readily available online, consumers wonder, and rightfully so, if they should sell their home online, through regular marketing and advancing channels without representation or with a real estate professional.

Here are 6 reasons explaining why a homeowner should consider hiring a Real Estate Professional to sell their home: 


Ever heard of the saying "Knowledge is Power"? Well what you don't know can absolutely hurt you! A Real Estate Professional's knowledge is PRICELESS! You do not need to know everything about selling Real Estate if you hire a real estate professional who does. Henry Ford once said "When you hire people who are smarter than you are, it proves you are smarter than they are". Why not hire the person with the education and experience? An agent knows what the internet doesn't tell consumers and they can provide insight that consumer's can't get online! 

2) TIME 

Everyone's time is valuable, but do you, Mr/Ms homeowner, truly have time to attempt to play the real estate professional role? Let me tell you one thing, depending on the market, you as a seller need to dedicate a SIGNIFICANT amount of time if you decide to sell on your own. Here are some of the things required of you as a sole seller: 

- You need to dedicate time to show the home safely on a moments notice

- You need to dedicate time to scheduling and showing appointments

- You need to educate yourself in order for you to ask the right questions when inquiring feedback on your home 

- You need to be in contact with furnishing expert resources like architects, contractors, designer and others 

- You might need to handle items that are flagged to be repaired or replaced by an inspector

- You need to have a roster of repair people that will come on a moments notice 

-  You need to understand the difference between making an improvement and not a repair.

All those mentioned above can be done by an agent and can be done in not only a professional but also an efficient matter while you sit back and not worry about a thing! 


Here's the deal, you NEVER get a second chance to make up from a bad first impression. This rule is especially true when putting up a property for sale. You need to prepare the house for sale with the proper pricing techniques based on the market data and conditions along with having solid negotiating skills when that first offer comes your way. Real Estate Salespeople can help you with that! With their experience, they can make your homes first impression on the market a very good one! 


One of the biggest factors and advantages of hiring a Real Estate Professional is their means of providing extensive marketing! Agents study buyer demographic for a respective home and neighbourhood. They have strategic ways on how to promote a listing to other agents in the community as well as social media! 


The Seller received and offer. Now what?? How do they respond? What do you look for in that purchase agreement? What terms and conditions could be disadvantageous to the sellers? Do they know how to negotiate to keep the buyer in the game versus walking away? How do they strike a delicate balance between projecting their interests as a seller and working with the buyer toward the goal of putting an agreement together? If you're in a "hot" market, how do you manage multiple offers? 

If there's one thing Real Estate Agents are good at, its negotiating. Period. This skill is very necessary in the home buying or selling process. 


So the home is under contract, what do sellers do next? Do they know who they need to be in contact with? Who is going to be handling the closing? What items should they be following up on? How they will handle challenges like the property not appraising for the contract sales price or things potentially derailing due to home inspection issues? Shaky financing? What about the closing? What is the closing protocol in their market and what are the expectations? 

If you want me to be completely honest and blunt with you, selling a home ignorantly without the knoweldge and expertise is a setup for disaster. We have seen it time and time again. The perceived savings of selling without representation can come back to bite sellers in terms of uninformed decisions and costly mistakes that- in the long run- end up costing sellers more money that if they hired a real estate profesional initially! Hiring a Real Estate Professional will protect consumer's interests, manage the risks, and help justify their homes value in the first place! 

Have Questions regarding Real Estate? The Iris and Evelyn team are here to help! With their countless years of buying and selling Real Estate Properties, their experience and knowledge can help you make the right choice!

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